When the lights learned to run (Nightcache)

Stage 1 has been replaced on March 11th 2018! Please check the updated listing and material List!

Note regarding Container Lids
Stage 2 and Stage 4 use an unusal container. The lid seems to be not self-explaining. Some teams left the containers unsealed and water entered causing damage to the stages.

To close the lid properly: Clean the seal, unscrew completely (CCW), place lid and guide the three edges under the holding features. Then srew closed (CW).

If the edges are not hooked into their receiving counterpart, no force can be applied by the screw to press the lid tightly shut.Please make sure that the lid is tight and irremovable bevore advancing to the next stage!

Here's a short video explaining the lids.

It is required to register for this cache for the following reasons: Logs without registration are subject to deletion
(refresh the lisitng with Ctrl+F5 to see the latest calendar):

to register please click on the image above.
2h distance between two teams is required!.

Advice for logging:
  • do not post unecessary Write note's with regard to the watchlist
  • drop coins together with your log with regards to the watchlist avoid Coin drop Notes!
  • be sure to post no spoilers regarding how to solve a stage and which toot to use!
  • Non premium members can use this link
  • Coin Drop- and register-Notes will be deleted without comment.

Your task (should you accept it) is to teach some lights in the woods how to run!

Therefore you will need the following Tools:

  • 2 fresh 9V blockbatteries, keep one for the final, Attention! Zink-Coal batteries will NOT work
  • Mirror
  • digital camera with option to use exposure times of about 1s as well as 20-30s, a DSLR is recommended
  • Tripod for your Camera
  • knowledge of a certain method to transfer messages using light-signals of different length (take a complete table!)
  • bright flashlight (LED Lenser, Maglite) (Attention: the flashlight has to emit continous light, PWM modulated lights like Olight M20 will not work!
  • a rubber band for Stage 4
  • Umbrella to protect the Stages against rain



USE THE OFFICIAL PATHS! DO NOT GO OFFROAD exept at the stages! Be sure to be recognizable by hunters that may hunt in this area!

And now: Have Fun!

The cache can be used during winter if there is no more that 10cm snow. Access to some Stages will be difficult with snow, so be prepared.
Additional Hints:
The Coordinates are unambiguous for S1, S3 and S4.
Mind the waypoint description of the Listing!
Parkplatz CP PARK Parking (Parking) N 48° 51.583 E 008° 26.584 
Hint: Parkplatz
Virtuelle Station F1 GOCKEL The Head forester (Virtual Stage) N 48° 51.567 E 008° 26.544 
Hint: When was Head Forester Mr. Gockel on duty?
Physical Stage H1 HELPER Helper Cache (Physical Stage) N 48° 51.567 E 008° 26.468 
Hint: Please only take one Adapter and replace here after completion!
Some reflectors show the way near Stage 1
Physical Stage S1 STAGE1 Stage 1 (The Hole) (Physical Stage) ??? 
Hint: N 48° 51.[Anno Gockel - 1398] E 8° 26.[Anno Gockel - 1630]
Physical Stage S2 STAGE2 Stage 2 (Treestump, behind stones) (Physical Stage) ??? 
Hint: Before powering the device move slide away from stop.
After plugging in the adapter drive to left stop (socket) until switch clicks.
Then drive to opposite stop for first picture. The second picture appears on the way back.
Physical Stage S3 STAGE3 Stage 3 (Big Stump, not visible directly) (Physical Stage) ??? 
Hint: Stagedescription within Lock&Lock Contrainer on top of the treestump beneath some stones
Physical Stage S4 STAGE4 Stage 4 (Roots and Stones) (Physical Stage) ??? 
Hint: Hold battery lid down using the rubber band
Please handle with care and close the container tightly afterwards.
There are no more reflectors towards the final!
Final-Position S5 FINAL Final (Final-Position) ??? 
Hint: If there's no audible click on green light, use a fresh battery!